June bests …

From the reading chair: Patterns of Reform: Continuity and Change in the Reformation Kirk by James D. Kirk; Humanism and Reform: The Church in Europe, England and Scotland, 1400–1643 edited by James Kirk; The True Face of the Kirk: An Examination of the Ethos and Traditions of the Church of Scotland by R. Stuart Louden; Theology of the Reformed Confessions and Knowledge of God and the Service of God According to the Teaching of the Reformation: Recalling the Scottish Confession of 1560 by Karl Barth; John Knox: An Introduction to His Life and Works by Richard G. Kyle and Dale W. Johnson (reviewed here); Called to Be Human: Letters to My Children on Living a Christian Life by Michael Jinkins; Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance by Myk Habets (reviewed here); Hyperion and Selected Poems by Friedrich Holderlin.

Through the iPod: Beethoven, Britten: Violin Concertos, Bach: Inventions & Partita and Vivaldi: The Four Seasons by Janine Jansen.

On the screen: The Wire: The Complete Third Season; Invictus.

One comment

  1. Looking forward to hearing your reactions to the fourth season; as if the first three weren’t perfect already, it’s the clincher. Enjoy sir!


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