April bests …

From the reading chair: Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ by T.F. Torrance; Divine Empathy: A Theology of God by Edward Farley; The Knot of Vipers, by François Mauriac; Reformed Worship by Howard L. Rice & James C. Huffstutler; God’s Inescapable Nearness by Eduard Schweizer; Aussie Gems: Cindy Ella by Tom Champion & Glen Singleton; Aussie Gems: Redback on the Toilet Seat by Slim Newton & Craig Smith; Participating in God: A Pastoral Doctrine of the Trinity by Paul S. Fiddes; The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami? by David Bentley Hart; Theology & Ministry in Context & Crisis: A South African Perspective by John W. de Gruchy; Good and Evil by Edward Farley; Common Life: Poems by Robert Cording.

Through the iPod: Women and Country by Jakob Dylan; Hold on to Me by The Black Sorrows; X&Y by Coldplay; Symphony No. 6; Into the Twilight; Summer Music by Sir Arnold Bax; Infamous Angel, My Life and The Way I Should by Iris DeMent; Paganini: Violin Concertos with Salvatore Accardo; Nothing Like the Sun and The Dream of the Blue Turtles by Sting; Leave Your Sleep by Natalie Merchant; Standard Songs for Average People by John Prine & Mac Wiseman; Fair & Square by John Prine.

On the screenBoy [2010]; Endgame [2009]; The White Ribbon [2009]; God on Trial [2008]. BTW: I also saw von Trier’s Antichrist, the most hideous and uninteresting film I’ve seen this year.

By the bottle: Wasp, by Invercargill Brewery.

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