Answer: Donald MacKinnon

Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with your gut on things. After assuming that Andre would totally nail this wee comp (he just needed to trust his instinct that ‘it has to be MacKinnon’), my dear friend Theng Huat (a fellow Forsyth devotee who has a habit of beating people to the post!) has pinched it with the suggestion of the great Donald MacKinnon. Well done Theng Huat. It’s, as you indicate, from MacKinnon’s essay in Justice the True and Only Mercy: Essays on the Life and Theology of Peter Taylor Forsyth (ed. by Trevor Hart).

Theng Huat, of course I’d love to shout you an all-expenses paid trip to NZ, but will you settle for a few books instead? Here’s a few that I thought may interest you. Take your pick of any three:


  1. Jason, thanks very much for the kind words. I had an unfair advantage over the others, of course, having completed my studies on Forsyth not long ago. In fact, to be honest, I knew I had read the passage somewhere, but could not put my finger on it until I saw Andre’s reference to Donald MacKinnon. (So he should at least be the joint winner.) And no, I don’t intend to claim any reward (I was just joking about it, of course. As you said, “serious theologians” are “above such triviality”).
    I very much hope in God’s providence to be able to meet you again, whether in NZ or Singapore or somewhere else.


  2. And, er, you might want to replace that huge photo of me with one of Donald MacKinnon (the one who actually wrote the passage). It’s kind of embarassing seeing my photo alongside those of luminaries like D.B. Hart, Thomas Chalmers, James Dunn, Jurgen Moltmann etc. at your blog.


  3. Theng Huat, no need to be so modest, though I did wonder if Andre’s suggestion had tipped you off.

    I agree that the original photo was not flattering, so I’ve funked you up a bit. You can now join the famous figures you identified, and that without any embarrassment.


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