‘Look, daddy, this is you’: A view from the other side

This is how my daughter sees me. Little wonder that she rarely takes me seriously.

… and apparently I look nothing at all like Jesus (must be Jesus’s serious acne problem that distinguishes us), whom she also rarely takes seriously:

[A note: to my shame, my daughter remains completely ignorant – or just dismissive – of Calvin’s and Barth’s and Kierkegaard’s judgement against visual representations of Jesus. Neither does she appear to have learnt the Ten Commandments yet (and certainly not the big #5). At this rate, she’ll make a great Presbyterian!].


  1. Quite a likeness really. What’s with images of Jesus? I have always tried to model my haircut on his. It’s not the same as images of his Father is it?


  2. Thanks for the warning Jason. I must remember that… adopting a hairstyle like Jesus risks adoptionism. Perhaps I better stop wearing sandals too.


  3. Ah, enjoy (and keep) these pictures, Jason. You may need to bring them out when she is 13 or 14 or so, when not being taken seriously becomes no joke. But I testify from experience that there is hope. I, the father of a daughter, eventually survived it all: the hair flip, the shrugs, the hand on hip, the rolled eyes, the “I hate you” (that hurt), and the “You’ve ruined my life.” And she was one of the good kids. Now she is twenty-five and we are great friends. She is currently discerning a call to ministry at Yale Divinity School, and sometimes even asks my advice. Parenting is a calling as much as ministry. Enjoy the ride. I love the pictures.


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