Lenten Resources

Lent has begun. Those seeking Lenten resources might wish to visit the following places:


    1. Hi Jason,

      Wonder if I might recommend a personal favourite?

      Jerabek’s Lenten reading plans are available for download: http://www.lovethechurch.com/lent/

      He has four – most of them markedly Catholic, but the Church Fathers reading plan is a magnificent tour de force: by day 40 the reader would have read significant chunks of 10 Fathers, and the recommended time to commit to reading is only around 15 minutes.

      Best Wishes


    2. And of course there’s Maggi Dawn’s excellent 2009 publication by BRF – Giving it All Up: Daily Bible Readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday (pp. 212)

      Thanks for the list Jason, there’s some great resources on it.



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