Karen Brounéus on Rwanda, psychology and processes of reconciliation

Karen_BroneusThose within earshot of Dunedin might like to know that the next gathering of the Human Rights Book Group is Monday 14 September 5:30pm @ the Dunedin City Library, 1st floor, ITLeft Room (behind the room with the computers). We are very pleased to have as our guest speaker Dr Karen Brounéus, a post-doc fellow from the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies within the Humanities Deptartment at Otago University. Her work has focused on the psychological benefits of the reconciliation process in Rwanda and this will be the focus of our meeting this month. Her talk is titled ‘Rwanda – Are there psychological benefits to the reconciliation process?’

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  1. This is crucial Gospel work – nothing embodies the Gospel more radically and fundamentally, more essentially and more persuasively, than a ministry of reconciliation. I’m not within earshot of this – but my heart is in the room with your Human Rights Book Group. Scholars struggle to define the centre of Paul’s theology – for myself reconciliation is the centre of the Gospel, the outworking within and throughout creation of the peace made by the blood of the cross by which all things are reconciled to Christ – in whom all things hold together. Denney was right, the cross is the last reality of the universe, eternal love bearing sin. Excuse the wee sermon – got carried away.


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