Ray S. Anderson (1925-2009): Requiescat in pace

Anderson RayChristian D. Kettler (via Faith & Theology), Kim Fabricius (via Connexions) and Fuller Theological Seminary note the passing of Professor Ray S. Anderson. I was introduced to Professor Anderson’s work some twenty years ago, and since then it has had an increasingly influential impact on my pastoral ministry and teaching. It was Professor Anderson who taught me that ministry precedes theology, who modelled so eloquently what a theology and ministry determined by the incarnation might look like, and who helped – perhaps more than anyone else – to earth (though not uncritically) the mammoth contributions of Barth, Bonhoeffer and TF Torrance for many a young pastor. It is difficult to voice just how indebted to God I feel for this gracious servant.

For those who never had the pleasure of hearing Professor Anderson preach, his sermon on ‘The Gospel According to Judas’ and that on ‘The Ministry of Water’ (on John 2) can be downloaded via iTunes. There’s also two interviews with Professor Anderson available here and here.

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