Robert Jenson: The 2009 Burns Lectures on Video


© 2009. Photo taken by John Roxborogh, when Robert Jenson visited the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in Dunedin. Used with permission.

I recently posted notes on Robert Jenson’s 2009 Burn Lectures delivered at the University of Otago on the theme, ‘The Regula Fidei and Scripture’:

The video podcasts of those lectures are now available for download as MP4s:


  1. Thanks so much for putting these podcasts online: It is a special treat to see and hear lectures from Jenson again!

    Just one question: Is it possible that something went wrong with lecture 4? It stops after some 16 minutes.


  2. I noticed that too Stijn. Maybe we should let them know over at the Otago site.


  3. I’ve just tried to follow one of the links to the video podcasts with no luck. Do you know if they’ve been taken down, or if they are available elsewhere? Thanks for your help.


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