Candour: ‘Science and Christianity’

science-and-christianityThe Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand produces a monthly magazine called Candour. The articles are targeted at church leaders and are usually of a good standard. The March issue is now out and concerns the theme ‘Science and Christianity’. You can become a subscriber by emailing here.

The TOC for the March issue is:

  • Reading nature and Scripture today – Don Nield
  • How can we inform bioethics decisions? – Helen Bichan
  • From a backyard point of view – Bob Eyles
  • Science and Christianity face an identical foe – John Kernohan
  • Intelligent Design: The way forward? – Don Nield
  • What kind of justice? – Douglas Mansill


  1. Science and Christianity do conflict. It took me many years to firmly understand and accept that they do, but the reality of the matter is they do in fact conflict. The problem is Christians and other faith-based religious people want science to not conflict with their religion for obvious reasons, but the very nature of most religious beliefs/claims invoke the supernatural for understanding and science, by definition, cannot even consider accepting a supernatural explanation without undermining itself. This is based on science’s very nature to work to explain the natural world through natural causes. If science were able to explain something that had been caused by a supernatural cause, that cause is no longer supernatural, because science can only explain natural causes. Proper science relies on physical evidence and faith is not acceptable, while religion and Christianity specifically requires faith.

    I’m not saying that a scientist cannot be religious, but if that scientist is actually a real scientist, they can be religious because of our species’ ability to compartmentalize, but if anyone is actually trying to “scientifically” prove God, or a god, or gods, they necessarily leave the realm of science to do so.


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