Thomas Wyatt: ‘Ffrom depth off sinn’

Ffrom depth off sinn and from a diepe dispaire,
    Ffrom depth off deth, from depth off hertes sorow,
    From this diepe Cave off darknes diepe repayre,
The have I cald o lord to be my borow;
    Thow in my voyce a lord perceyve and here
    My hert, my hope, my plaint, my ouerthrow,
My will to ryse, and let by graunt apere

That to my voyce, thin eres do well entend.
    No place so farr that to the it is not nere;
No depth so diepe that thou ne maist extend
    Thin ere therto; here then my wofull plaint.
    Ffor, lord, if thou do observe what men offend
And putt thi natyff mercy in restraint,
    If just exaction demaund recompense,
    Who may endure o lord? who shall not faynt
At such acompt? dred, and not reuerence,
    Shold so raine large. But thou sekes rather love,
    Ffor in thi hand is mercys resedence,
By hope wheroff thou dost our hertes move.
    I in the, lord, have set my confydence;
    My sowle such trust doth euermore approve
Thi holly word off eterne excellence,
    Thi mercys promesse, that is alway just,
    Have bene my stay, my piller and pretence;
My sowle in god hath more desyrus trust
    Then hath the wachman lokyng for the day,
    By the releffe to quenche of slepe the thrust.
Let Israell trust vnto the lord alway,
    Ffor grace and favour arn his propertie;
    Plenteus rannzome shall com with hym, I say,
And shall redeme all our iniquitie.

– Thomas Wyatt, Ffrom depth off sinn’, in Collected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt (eds. Kenneth Muir & Patricia Thomson; Liverpool: Liverpool University Press 1969), 121-22.


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