Eschatology and the doctrine of God

‘Every statement of Christian eschatology … is an inference from some basic truth in its doctrine of God, and must be judged and tested accordingly … Every truth about eschatology is ipso facto a truth about God … What God is, is what in history He asserts Himself to be’. – John Arthur Thomas Robinson, In the End, God: A Study of the Christian Doctrine of the Last Things (London: James Clarke & Co., 1950), 31, 36, 37.

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  1. Absolutely. The problem with so much evangelical eschatology is that it is not sufficiently theo-logical. It is quite good at trying to set out biblical teachings but so often makes little attempt to reflect theologically on such teaching.

    Our eschatology must not merely be theo-logical but christo-logical. Final judgement and eschatological life have already been revealed in the cross-resurrection-ascension of Christ. Any eschatology detatched from this revelation of the end-in-Christ is sub-Christian.


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