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  • James Merrick reflects (with McCabe) on the politics of jubilee. He writes: ‘the antithesis of Jubilee is the politics of fear wherein one’s personal freedom conflicts with the freedom of others, where freedom is something protected not shared’.
  • John Stackhouse has posted 4 critical and (mostly) very fair reflections (here, here, here and here) on The Shack. [I’ve blogged on this book here and here].
  • Steve Holmes offers some valuable thoughts on the Christian duty to find error attractive.
  • The Worldwide Church of God have posted two short videos on CS Lewis shot on location in Oxford.
  • Ben Meyers points us towards some free MP3’s from St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.
  • Halden Doerge offers some helpful advice on reading Robert Jenson. [BTW. I just received my copy of Jenson’s A Large Catechism this week and am loving it … and now I’m very much anticipating the publication of his commentary on Ezekiel].
  • Richard Mouw seeks to make ‘a good case for “seeker sensitive” preaching by appealing to the authority of John Calvin’ and (hold your breath) Karl Barth!
  • Tim Keller recently gave an insightful apologetic talk on his The Reason for God as part of the Authors@Google series. It goes for just over an hour.
  • With no UK team in Euro 2008, how do Brits choose who to support? Well why not make the choice based on ethical criteria? The World Development Movement has created a handy website to aid that all important (read: completely arbitrary) choice of team(s) to support each match. It ranks each team using criteria such as: spending on the military and healthcare; corruption; contribution to climate change; and income inequality. Overall Sweden ranks as the most ‘ethical’ team in the competition, and Russia comes in last. [HT: New Statesman]
  • Damaris have produced and are now making available (free if you’re in the UK) some multimedia and study resources for schools and churches to complement the new Narnia flick, Prince Caspian (which is, btw, a much better-produced movie than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – which I thought totally stank]
  • Noam Chomsky was recently interviewed by Gabriel Mathew Schivone on the United States of Insecurity.
  • Coffee lovers might be interested in this interview with Michaele Weissman, author of God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee.

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