Forsyth on sanctification

‘Sanctification could not be so directly and deliberately worked at without the blight of self-consciousness. Seek first for the kingdom and sanctification will be added; care for Christ and He will take care of your soul; sail by the Cross and you will sail into holiness. Religion became much more miraculous than evolutionary; but it was a miracle worked on the will, and not on the nature or substance of the man. And within the soul’s agonised extremity there was revealed the new authority in the moral form and nature of an absolute and universal Redeemer. Christ becomes the new conscience and the new King. The Cross and not the Church becomes the new seat of His authority – the Cross as Christ crucified afresh in the evangelical experience of the desperate soul, and rising anew in its new trust and new life.’ – Peter T. Forsyth, ‘The Cross as the Final Seat of Authority’, Contemporary Review 76 (1899), 597-8.

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