Jeremy Begbie moves to Duke

Professor Jeremy Begbie will be concluding his role as Associate Director of the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (St Andrews)  in order to take up an appointment as Thomas A. Langford Research Professor at Duke Divinity School, Duke University from July 1st 2008.

I’ve been informed that he’ll continue to teach half time at Ridley Hall, Cambridge,  until December, while also starting his work for Duke half time from July, and then he’ll be resident at Duke for their Spring Semester from January 2009. He is not moving permanently to the United States but will be resident at Duke for part of the time, and then residing in Cambridge for most of the year. Although the UK will lose him as a full time teacher, he plans to remain theologically active in the UK, doing research, and also planning and running some new theology and the arts ventures. I wish Jeremy all the best as he undertakes this juggle.

For a taste of what Duke is in for, check out this lecture from my vodpod.


  1. I wanted to listen to his lecture but the link does not work. Can you re-establish the link.


    I’m considering ITIA in the future, but now maybe Duke???


  2. Man, Begbie is incredible. His lecture entitled “The sense of an Ending” was one of the greatest hours of my academic life. I was spell bound by his unique gifts. Glad to see he’s expanding his influence.


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