Journal of Reformed Theology is out

The latest edition of the Journal of Reformed Theology (Volume 1, Number 3, 2007) is out and includes the following articles:

A Search for Karl Barth’s ‘Public Theology’: Looking into Some Defining Areas of his Work in the post-World War II Years’, by Martin Laubscher

Vocation, Christendom, and Public Life: A Reformed Assessment of Yoder’s Anabaptist Critique of Christendom’, by Douglas J. Schuurman

Becoming One Self: A Critical Retrieval of ‘Choice Biography’’, by Frits de Lange

Reformed Theology in South Africa: Black? Liberating? Public?’, by Nico Koopman

Economic Justice as Social Justice in a Globalized World: A Theological Analysis’, by Gotlind Ulshöfer

A Theological Evaluation of the South African Constitutional Value of Human Dignity’, by Nico Vorster

How Shy Can A Reformed Theology Be?’, by Clive Pearson

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