‘Reviews in Religion & Theology’ is out

The latest issue of Reviews in Religion & Theology (Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2008) is now available and includes following reviews:

John L. Drury’s Karl Barth’s Trinitarian Theology: A Study in Karl Barth’s Analogical Use of the Trinitarian Relation by Peter S. Oh

Vítor Westhelle’s The Scandalous God: The Use and Abuse of the Cross by Adam Kotsko. [This is a book that I have enjoyed immensely, though not without some concerns]

After outlining the book’s contents, Kotsko concludes his review with the following critique:

Westhelle not only provides a strong argument for regarding the theology of the cross as a style of doing theology but also provides a good model. He is at his best when working within the Christian tradition, and he particularly shines in his reading of gospel texts. When he ventures outside of this familiar territory, however, his readings sometimes seem to move too quickly in assimilating the text to his own project. Another notable shortcoming stems from his desire to be faithful to Luther while remaining accountable to Latin American liberation theology. In his eagerness to portray Luther as a forerunner of liberation theology and a ‘contextual theologian’ (p. 58),Westhelle fails to even mention the well known facts of Luther’s political interventions against the peasants and tirades against the Jews. Given the ways that he later brings the theology of the cross into dialogue with liberation theology, Westhelle could likely have made a persuasive case that Luther’s own actions contradicted the true subversive force of his thought, but as it stands, his treatment of Luther seems like something of a whitewash. Overall, though, Westhelle has given us a thought-provoking and often quite poetic text, one that offers many suggestive avenues for further reflection.

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