Bruce McCormack to Lecture at St. Andrews

The Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Seminary, Bruce L. McCormack, will give the Scottish Journal of Theology Lectures at St Andrews University the week of December 3-6, 2007. His lectureship is titled ‘The Eternity of the Eternal Son: A Reformed Version of Kenotic Christianity’, and will include four lectures. For more information about times and locations, contact St Mary’s College at the University of St Andrews. I know at least one guy in St Andrews who can’t wait. Bring it on Bruce!


  1. The amount of energy that McCormack has been putting into writing these lectures has made it difficult for students here at PTS to get time with him. I’m sure that the lectures will be excellently done and provocative. If only I had the money to spend to fly over…


  2. I too am jealous that I shall not be there. But, then again, I get to enjoy his class on Election every week, as well as his lectures in Systematic Theology II. ;-) He’ll bring the house down, I’m sure.


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