A New Parenting Blog

There’s a new blog kicking off called Emerging Parents. It’s stated aim is that it be ‘a safe place to discuss how we can follow Christ as parents, integrating our emerging faith and practices in with how we raise our kids. This is a place to explore, to suggest, to share, to question, and to support. All are welcome (non-parents included!) to join the conversation here’.

Sounds good. If you are unfamiliar with the ’emerging’ movement, you may wish to check out more information here and here.


  1. I am a Christian parent but I do not believe in anything else except for the Words of God in the Bible. All parenting wisdom should come from the Bible and use Bible as a basis. If the so called ” emerging movement” is not stating the truth from the Bible then it is not the parenting from Christ point of view. Such parenting style will be no different from the world style of parenting.


  2. Pamela. Many thanks for your response. It is good to read that you are concerned that parenting be Word-shaped and Word-grounded. I would agree that our parenting – indeed, all of life – ought be so shaped by the God who addresses us in Scripture. I am less clear, however, on your concerns over the emerging movement. What exactly is it about this movement that you think undermines parenting, Christian or otherwise? As far as I am aware [and I may, of course, be ill-informed here], no one in the emerging movement would disagree with the claim that parenting should be primarily informed from what you call ‘Christ’s point of view’. I look forward to your response.


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