The Theology of Sinéad O’Connor

The latest CT has two articles/interviews with Sinéad O’Connor in the wake of her latest – and brilliant – album Theology (I have posted about the album here). The articles are a generous touch on the corny side (North American evangelicals trying to claim another as theirs or make it clear why she’s not) but well worth reading, whether you like O’Connor’s latest album or not. The two articles are: Sinéad O’Connor’s Theology and ‘Theology’, and Jesus Is ‘Like an Energy’.

She says about Theology, ‘
I hope this record would make someone think that perhaps God is not an angry, punishing, war-making God and is in fact a gentle and compassionate God who actually is upset at the loss of us’.


  1. Has she ever publicly apologized for tearing up the Pope’s picture on live television?


  2. As it says in the first article:

    ‘O’Connor once called tearing the pope’s photo “a ridiculous act, the gesture of a girl rebel,” but in recent interviews she’s anything but apologetic about it. “Sometimes we want to challenge the people we love, and sometimes we want to rattle the bars because we see them going down the drain unless they face particular issues. And they may not want to face those issues; for example, the issue of sexual abuse by priests within the Catholic church,” she told Beliefnet. “Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t actually an angry act, although I can see, of course, why people would think it was. It was actually an act of love.”


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