What do you value most about being a dad?

Just been thinking about what I value most about being a dad? Of course this will change but at the moment here’s a few things:

  • The awesome gift of watching a little human being grow, and being used to steer the process.
  • Sharing with Sinead the things I love (like reading, music, painting, cooking, poetry, travel, and being in the garden) and the values I treasure (like love, grace, forgiveness, playfulness, generosity, patience, humour and authority).
  • Reflecting on in what ways human parenting reflects God’s parenting. (See Tom Smail’s essay on ‘Perichoretic Parenting‘).
  • Observing a huge gamut of emotions, facial expressions, sounds (the girl can sing!) and problem-solving solutions – often all within the same minute.
  • Learning heaps about my self, my limits, and what I really value.
  • As a stay-at-home dad, I value getting to see and play with Sinead more, watch her develop more, laugh with her more, dance with her more, teach her more, discipline her more, be taught by her more … and eat lunch together – just the two of us every day.
  • I value that she gets to see me more than most kids do see their dads. I hope she values this too.
  • Walking to the park when it suits us, and not a boss.
  • As a full time student who could happily bury his head in books for years, being a stay-at-home dad helps to keep my life in perspective.
  • I (usually) love the distractions – having my clock and agenda set by one and things other than myself. This also helps me to procrastinate and time-waste less. When Sinead has her 45 minute sleep, for example, I have to use this time wisely and not just read blogs.
  • I enjoy serving my wife in this way. She (mostly) loves her work as a physio, and me being at home means that she can still go to work.
  • By the time I’m most tired (ie. in the late afternoons), Judy is home from work and so Sinead doesn’t have to endure a tired late-afternoon dad.
  • Being with someone I love so much all day.
  • I’m sure there’s heaps more, but I’m too tired to think of any. That’s part of being a dad I don’t like.

What do you value most about being a dad?

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