‘The Holy Spirit is so present’. So said one U2 fan reflecting upon a recent U2 concert. Over at Interference.com, there’s a forum on spiritual experiences at U2 concerts – a nice postmodern mix of experientialism and religiosity. As one fan said, ‘I can’t say for sure whether there such a thing as God, or Holy Spirit, but if there is I swear that it must feel like how I feel at a U2 concert!’ There it is … I knew God liked U2.

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  1. Hi –

    I love what you said about U2 and their concerts. I shot a film about a U2 show I entitled, “Church on a Friday Night.” Check it out!

    Shot entirely on a Flip Mino HD in Barcelona, Spain for U2’s recent 360 Tour, here’s a film that captures the awesomeness of a U2 Live experience and salutes the 5th member of U2 — the 80,000 U2 fans who hit the road from around the globe to celebrate life with U2. Check it out! IF YOU WERE AT THE BARCA SHOWS YOU COULD BE IN THE FILM! If you were there, please write a comment, and please share the film with our fellow U2 friends!

    Thanks a lot from a U2 Art Historian –

    Vince Duque


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