A Psalm of Trust

I little see, I little know,
Yet can I fear no ill;
He who hath guided me till now
Will be my Leader still.

No burden yet was on me laid
Of trouble or of care,
But he my trembling steps hath stayed
And given me strength to bear.

I came not hither of my will,
Or wisdom of my own;
That Higher Power upholds me still,
And still must bear me on.

I knew not of this wondrous earth,
Nor dreamed what blessings lay
Beyond the gates of human birth
To glad my future way.

And what beyond this life may be
As little I divine –
What love may wait to welcome me,
What fellowships be mine.

I know not what beyond may lie,
But look in humble faith,
Into a larger life to die
And find new birth in death.

One comment

  1. Either you’re taking these pics from a website, or you’re an American in exile, since the car is on the right (wrong) side of the road…


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