On God’s holiness

‘Christianity is concerned with God’s holiness before all else.’ (Cruciality, viii.)

‘If we take the Lord’s prayer alone, God’s holiness is the interest which all the rest of it serves. Neither love, grace, faith nor sin have any but a passing meaning except as they rest on the holiness of God, except as they arise from it, and return to it, except as they satisfy it, show it forth, set it up and secure it everywhere and forever.’ (Cruciality, 23)

‘Everything begins and ends in our Christian theology with the holiness of God.’ (Work, 78)

‘The grace of God cannot return to our preaching or to our faith till we recover what has almost clean gone from our general, familiar, and current religion, what liberalism has quite lost – I mean a due sense of the holiness of God… This holiness of God is the real foundation of religion… Love is but its outgoing; sin is but its defiance; grace is but its action on sin; the cross is but its victory; faith is but its worship.’ (Cruciality, 22)

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