The end is in sight…

This week has largely seen me out of blogdom, though I have been watching from the sidelines.

I’ve enjoyed reading Ben’s post on the myth of expository preaching, and Kim’s 9.5 theses on listening to preaching.

But my favourite web discovery this week has been From the Fishouse: a site loaded with contemporary poems to read and listen to. Not a few times this week has it been water to my soul.

Mostly, I have been working flat out lately trying to put an article together for a journal. I didn’t get much notice. It’s practically finished and I’m reasonably pleased with how it has come together. The theme of the article is on why the church needs the world, and explores PT Forsyth’s engagement with the Norwegian poet and dramatist Henrik Ibsen. I’ve really enjoyed writing it but now I’m just ready to spend time with my family, enjoy a beer, watch the world cup final with friends, and catch up on some sleep. Now that all sounds almost as exhasuting as writing another article … but O what bliss exhaustion.

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