‘Cheeky bugger’ Pro Hart dies

One of my favourite painters, Pro Hart, died this week after battling motor neurone disease. I thought I’d post a few of his pics for us to reflect on. PT Forsyth reminded us what Pro Hart taught us: that art can never be seperated from feidistic concerns, nor of other human pursuits such as philosophy or science. There may be a primacy in the arena of religion, but there can be no independence. ‘Our attitude to each is an indivisible function of the whole rational man. The whole man is turned upon Nature in earnest science, and the whole man is turned on God in real religion. What makes the real difference in our relations to them, in what we call the faculties, comes from the other end. It is a difference in the objects themselves and their behaviour’ (Authority, 148). For both men, I am grateful.


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