Censorship… don’t you just love it?

When you remember the Tiananmen Square massacre of ‘89, what do you think of? Well when you google images of ‘Tiananmen’, these are what Americans see and This is what the Chinese see. Interesting. Forsyth told us that certainty is at bottom no matter of intellect alone, nor of thought; it cannot be there without an act of will, an act of appropriation by the personality. A process of thought apart from an act of will would bring us to no conclusion, to nothing that could be called certainty. It would be but a mental panorama, a cinematogram played to a house of one. What is exhibited before us by thought must go through another process and must become our property. Thought, he said, is a work, an art, a duty, and not a mere process nor a mere spectacle. We are under obligation to seek and think the truth; we may not merely play with it, we may not loll in the stalls as it passes before us. It is a task, it is not a treat. And we do not legislate for truth; we have to see that the law of thought has its way with us. Our chief act of will is practically recognition of a gift. It is obedience to a grace, even in science. (Principle of Authority, 100-1). Now how true is that uncensored truth!

For more on this theme, check out http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4088702.stm

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