Discovering the World 360°

For about an hour or so yesterday, and with only a cup of Earl Grey in me (in case you were wondering), my daughter and I felt that we’d been flung around the world. Why? We discovered 360° Cities. Of the plethora of spots we visited, here were some of our favourites:




  1. Since I’m now commenting in the open let me note my thanks to you for directing me to 360 cities way back when. It’s a sweet site. Especially the St. Andrews pictures (which, if I’m not mistaken, is where you studied?). Reminds me of my semester there in Fife living at St. Salvators a couple years back! Cheers!


  2. Who directed your dissertation? I saw you mentioned James Torrance in the last post; were you with Alan Torrance? Took his theological anthro while I was out there. It was an eye-opening course.


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