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  2. I am very interested in purchasing some of the works P. T. Forsyth. I read about him in John Stott’s, “The Cross of Christ.” Can I download Scriptura or how do I purchase it? Please advise. Thank you.


  3. Would that PT Forsyth was read more, he creates both biblical thought/understanding and the desire for both true Christology and therein the only cruciform life! (2 Cor. 4:7-11) The value of the death of Christ is always solely the person who died there. As St. Paul tells us the obedience in “His” death – Phil. 2:8. In this sense only the incarnation is itself the atonement.


  4. Jason-

    I think we will realize just how signifcant Forsyth’s life and work is to the global Church as we ourselves see the same vision that he saw of God’s Act in Christ and the continuation of that Act in the Gospel as it is preached. I love his insistence early in “Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind” that it is preaching (evangelical) is the ‘most distinctive institution in Christianity’, and ‘work (of redemption) and its word (Gospel)’ is the chief gift to the world, rather than ‘the Church and its sacraments’. He is truly a worthy representative of the ‘Free Church’ or non-conformist tradition of the 17th century because he clearly understood what they understood was really at stake in the Reformation. One more of his essentials will make that clear: “The first Apostles were neither priests nor bishops. They were preachers, missionaries,heralds of the Cross, and agents of the Gospel. The apostolic succession is the evangelical. It is with the preachers of the Word, and not with the priestly operators of the work, or with its episcopal organizers”.

    You have done a great thing by making these portions so accessible.Blessings on your PhD. My suggestion, this vision cannot be contained in any formal theology.


  5. Most of Forsyth’s work has passed into public doman. New Creation Publications have republished a good number of Forsyth’s books, and – as will nearly all of their other great material – have made these available for free download. I have most of the Forsyth material as pdf, but have yet got around to uploading it; the project remains on my ‘To-do’ list.


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  7. How absolutely AMAZING to find this treasure-trove of resources for this most exceptional theologian. Thank you SO much for taking the time, care and effort to make these writings available. I have just started out on my PhD research in theology, looking at this early stage at the atonement. I feel certain, therefore, that I will be making MANY return visits to your great site.

    With gratitude and best wishes,

    Martyn J Smith


  8. Bravo Bravo Bravo….

    The Justification of God exceeds any book I ever read… sheer brilliance… uncanny insight…


  9. I just came across a comment about Forsyth in N.T.Wright’s new book Justification, and it got me interested in him, particularly his view on his theology of the cross. So thanks for making his works available. God bless!


  10. Jason, I’m now reading through Theng Huat’s book on PT Forsyth. Am really intrigued by the whole notion of God’s self-justification as God’s own engagement in theodicy.

    Thank you for making the links to Forsyth’s works available here. Will often come back here to read more.


  11. You’re welcome Sze Zeng. And at the risk of sounding cheeky, you may also like to keep an eye open for my 2 books on Forsyth (due out later this year), at least one of which also attends to some extent with the theodicy question.


  12. You’re welcome Trevor. You may also enjoy it’s more mature cousin – ‘Fighting Troll-Demons in Vaults of the Mind and Heart – Art, Tragedy and Sacramentality: Some Observations from Ibsen, Forsyth and Dostoevsky’. Princeton Theological Review 13, no. 1 (2007): 61–85 – also available above.


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