In defence of Clive James’ translation of Dante’s The Divine Comedy

I’ve started reading Clive James’ translation of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, a volume which has been met with mixed reception. Colin Burrow (LRB) and Ian Thomson (FT), among others, have signalled their being largely unimpressed with James’ efforts. A common charge is that the translation lacks fidelity to the original in which ‘accuracy, precision and […]

2013: some favourites, some thanks

Amidst all that I have read, re-read, listened to and watched during this past year, I am especially grateful for having read, re-read, listened to, and watched the following: Books Biblical Studies Postmissionary Messianic Judaism: Redefining Christian Engagement with the Jewish People by Mark S. Kinzer The Gospel of John: A Commentary by Frederick Dale Bruner Apocalypticism in the […]

November stations …

Reading: The Barmen Theses Then and Now by Eberhard Busch Christ, Justice and Peace: Towards a Theology of the State by Eberhard Jüngel (I read this every year. It’s wonderful, and I need to keep hearing the challenge.) The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (trans. by Clive James) The Trout Diaries: A Year of Fly-Fishing in New Zealand by Derek Grzelewski Karl Barth in […]

October stations …

Reading: Theologia: The Fragmentation and Unity of Theological Education by Edward Farley Piecing Together a Shared Vision: The 1987 Boyer Lectures by Davis McCaughey I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven Montana 1948: A Novel by Larry Watson Later Calvinism International Perspectives edited by W. Fred Graham Calvinus sacrarum literarum interpres: Papers of the International Congress on Calvin Research […]

December-January stations …

Reading: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of the Lord’s Supper: Foretasting the Kingdom by Chris E. Green. (Reviewed here) Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit. Ethnicity edited by Anthony D. Smith and John Hutchinson. Ethnicity by Steve Fenton. A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer. Under the Net by Iris Murdoch. Greenvoe by George Mackay Brown. Ethnicity and the […]

Weekly Meanderings

‘Hundreds of demonstrators have defied the military junta in Burma to stage a rare protest march, despite the arrests of 13 leading pro-democracy activists. Witnesses said 300 people staged an hour-long march then were dispersed by gangs of unidentified men, believed to be members of the regime-created Union Solidarity and Development Association (Usda). There has […]


Anonymous. ‘Loverd, thou clepedest me’ ––––––. ‘What I see in Egoli’ Armstrong, Marion. ‘Gift’ Auden, W. H. ‘Lines to Dr Walter Birk on his Retiring from General Practice’ Baxter, James K. ‘The Christmas Meditation of Concrete Grady’ ––––––.  ‘A Pair of Sandals’ ––––––. ‘A Small Ode on Mixed Flatting’ ––––––. ‘Air Flight to Delhi’ ––––––. ‘He Waiata o Hemi’ ––––––. […]