Advent: a caption competition

It’s been some time since I ran a competition here at PCaL, and I reckon that this image – which was last year’s billboard from St Matthew-in-the-City in Auckland – is just begging (still) for a caption:


[I’ll let the competition run until Christmas. And, as usual, the winner – who will receive a book of their choice from a selected list – will be decided by a combination of the ancient and biblical practice of casting lots and the modern more reliable practice of what I judge to be the best caption.]


  1. An under-explored aspect of Christology: whether Jesus, being a fully human foetus, gave Mary morning sickness.


  2. Kinda seems to me like the type of picture that’s actually best without a caption, but how about this: “What’s it mean when there’s a little cross on this thingy?”


  3. Mary discovers that her urine has magical powers, as a little cross spontaneously appears on previously blank paper on the stick. A cross, what could this mean…


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