Morning Speech

It had been some time since
Ambrie had heard the first light’s
announced free
of anxiety, and sampled the violence that can attend the afternoon’s wind,
the breath that threatens to
unravel morn’s tide and
drown the ancient songs. In the distance
the sound too of trucks whose brakes
blast a different note as they enter the city limits along the Northern Motorway. And
the chorus of bellbirds, tui and piwakawaka – like an antipathy to the son et lumiere in Dresden on 13 February 1945 –
Swells and
and Speaks of yet-unbirthed

© Jason Goroncy
2 December 2011

[Image: Craig Mckenzie]


  1. Nice, Jason….just a couple of questions from one poet to another (!). How have you come to this particular line arrangement…are you working to a particular focused beat/sound near the beginnings of the lines? Secondly, the reference to Dresden – what’s its connection to the rest of the poem?


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