June stations …





  1. @ Mike: Well it wasn’t The Matrix, but it was the best thing on offer on the United Airlines flight that I was on that day. It also gave me a break from reading, and from the badger who was sitting next to me.


  2. No, it certainly wasn’t the Matrix, and it did have some quirky moments, and a good underlying theme. Just left a slightly ‘could have done better’ taste in the mouth, I felt.


  3. @ Mike: I was left with the same taste. I wondered, at the time, if it was the cheap in-flight bourbon I was drinking, but then again it may have been the in-flight entertainment. I’m not sure if they still do it, but some years ago a Venezuelan airline used to run in-flight bingo. Sounds like a great idea, for about the first 10-15 mins of the flight ;-)


  4. ha ha! Love the idea….would be interesting with one of the Asian airlines….could be some confusion over what number was being announced, I suspect!


  5. Heschel’s I Asked for Wonder is one of the richest sources of spiritual wisdom and humane religion I”ve ever come across – it is a book I often turn to when nothing else touches those deep places where longing and boredom come from. I’d have counted a great privilege to meet him, though I’d probably be scared of someone whose holiness was near tangible – scared, sacred, interesting juxtaposition. Let me know what you think of it. Heschel is in my very small canon of absolutely must have, writers. Hope you are well my friend, Shalom, Jim


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