Who said it?

Time again for another ‘Who Said It?’ game. Who made the following statement?

‘Every Weltanschhauung, whether religious or political – and it is sometimes difficult to say where the one ends and the other begins – fights not so much for the negative destruction of the opposing world of ideas as for the positive realization of its own ideas. Thus its struggle lies in attack rather than in defence. It has the advantage of knowing where its objective lies, as this objective represents the realization of its own ideas. Inversely, it is difficult to say when the negative aim for the destruction of a hostile doctrine is reached and secured. For this reason alone a Weltanschhauung which is of an aggressive character is more definite in plan and more powerful and decisive in action than a Weltanschhauung which takes up a merely defensive attitude. If force be used to combat a spiritual power, that force remains a defensive measure only so long as the wielders of it are not the standard-bearers and apostles of a new spiritual doctrine’.

You know the rules …

The ‘game’ closes on Monday.



  1. Is there a secret sympathy you want to confess, Jason?

    (And I find it very unlikely that the author only used German to say “Weltanschhauung”.)


  2. Jason’s secret sympathies…hmmm… perhaps Hegel. Or if it’s not a German writer maybe his recent foray into Collingwood produced this gem.


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