Pre-School Theology – 1

Tunnel BeachI live with a three-year-old theologian many of whose questions beg in vain for an answer from her theologian-father. Recent months have seen us doing some exegesis on the Lord’s Prayer (apparently one of the funniest prayers ever written), and we’ve also discussed the Nicene Creed together (apparently it’s unnecessarily long: ‘it doesn’t need to be that long’). Here’s a few of her recent pronouncements:

  • ‘Because Jesus is God raised from the dead, then God must have a penis’.
  • ‘God is exactly like Jesus. There is no other God’.
  • ‘The cross means that God is a wonderful boy … but God’s not really a boy or a girl’.
  • ‘It’s OK when we don’t know how to pray because Jesus can pray for us’.
  • ‘I don’t understand the Spirit’.

Makes me seriously excited about being a father, and about discovering together with my daughter the wonderful life of the God made known in Jesus.


  1. Jason,
    Thanks for this. It brought back memories. My daughter Rebecca, when she was about five, told me with authority, “Did you know that when you sin it makes a black mark on your soul!” I gently suggested that the matter might be more nuanced than this. She retorted, “No. It’s true. The twins (across the street) told me, and they learned it at Secret Heart!” (Sacred Heart is a big Roman Catholic Parish) My daughter started Yale Divinity School last week. You’ve been warned ;-)


  2. These little theologians certainly keep you on your toes don’t they! Elliot’s latest incisive question was, “Does God have a wand?” Maybe, son.
    Andrew (N)


  3. hehehe! Did Judy tell you Ollie’s ‘knock knock’ joke? Went like this: Knock knock. who’s there? Jesus. Jesus who? Jesus..of the light of the world!

    He also gave them the lowdown today at daycare of who’s in charge: “Mum and dad are the bosses of me and Jesus is the boss of Nana and Grandad. And mum and dad are roses.” Not sure if we’re quite so sweet smelling!


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