American Theological Inquiry is out

The latest edition (2:1) of American Theological Inquiry (ATI) has been released and is available free here. For more information about this newish journal (sponsored by our friends at Wipf and Stock), visit here. It’s a great journal and deserves our support.

The edition includes the following articles:

  • ‘The Theology of Gerald O’Collins and Postmodernism’, by Craig Baron
  • ‘Late have I left thee: a reflection on Augustine the Manichee and the logic of belief adoption’, by Charles Natoli
  • ‘Jesus On The Big Screen’, by Stephen Nichols
  • ‘Lutheran Puritanism? Adiaphora in Lutheran Orthodoxy and Possible Commonalities in Reformed Orthodoxy’, by Daniel Hyde
  • ‘A Rose By Any Other Name: Attempts At Classifying North American Protestant Worship’, Lester Ruth
  • ‘Twin Parables Of Stewardship In Luke’, by J. Lyle Story
  • ‘Death, Killing And Personal Identity’, by Todd Bindig

There’s also book reviews on the following:

  • Philippe Sellier. Port-Royal et la littérature, Vol. II., by Charles Natoli
  • John R. Muether. Cornelius Van Til: Reformed Apologist and Churchman, by Ryan McIlhenny
  • Bryan Spinks (ed.). The Place of Christ in Liturgical Prayer: Trinity, Christology, and Liturgical Theology, by James R. A. Merrick
  • Edwin Christiaan van Driel. Incarnation Anyway: Arguments for Supralapsarian Christology, by Myk Habets
  • Charles Natoli. Fire in the Dark: Essays on Pascal’s Pensées and Provinciales, by Trent Dougherty
  • Karl Barth; Kurt Johanson (ed.); Christopher Asprey (trans). The Word in This World: Two Sermons by Karl Barth, by Benjamin Myers
  • Timothy George (ed). God the Holy Trinity: Reflections on Christian Faith and Practice, by Benjamin Myers
  • Christopher Hitchens; Douglas Wilson. Is Christianity Good for the World?, by Ian Clary
  • D. A. Carson. Becoming Conversant With The Emerging Church: Understanding a Movement and Its Implications, by Tim Challies
  • Stephen Nichols. Jesus Made in America: A Cultural History from the Puritans to The Passion of the Christ, by Tim Challies
  • David Wells. The Courage To Be Protestant: Truth-lovers, Marketers, and Emergents in the Postmodern World, by Tim Challies
  • Thomas Fowler; Daniel Kuebler. The Evolution Controversy: A Survey of Competing Theories, by Tim Challies

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