The Wreck of Western Culture – Humanism Revisited

Michael Jenson has recently posted a helpful review of John Carroll’s book The Wreck of Western Culture – Humanism Revisited on his blog. A fuller version of the review is also available here. The book, and the review, are well worth the read. Writing in 1917, Forsyth had this to say about Humanism: ‘Everything has come to turn on man’s welfare instead of God’s worship, on man with God to help him and not on God with man to wait upon Him. The fundamental heresy of the day, now deep in Christian belief itself, is humanist. It is the humanism and humanitarianism which events are now reducing to an absurdity as a religion … Elated by our modern mastery of nature and cult of genius, and ridden by the superstition of progress (now unseated), we came to start with that excellent creature, man, his wonderful resources, his broadening freedom, his widening heart, his conquest of creation, and his expanding career. And, as with man we begin, with man we really end. God is there but to promote and crown this development of man, if there be a God at all.’


  1. jason, we’d probably disagree on a while range of topics, but i like your blog. i’m a non-believer, but i’ll drop in and see what you posting. nice to find you.


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