Gavin D’Costa on a Theology of Religions

In this video, Gavin D’Costa talks about his ‘move to the right’ from Rahner to the nouvelle théologie and Barth (‘the one key influence in this move … who [got] to the truth more than most Catholic thinkers’), about inclusivism, exclusivism and pluralism (which is ‘a type of exclusivism’), about soteriological universalism, and about post-mortem conversion.

2 thoughts on “Gavin D’Costa on a Theology of Religions

  1. The wonder of blogs: I saw this post this morning, sent it to my professor who is currently teaching a 2-week course on theologies of religious pluralism (in which we are reading D’Costa, Rahner, and Barth among others), and at the moment we are opening class by watching the video together. Thank you sir!


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